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Adapting your leadership style

Adapting your leadership style to suit the situation is key to leadership success. Everyone has a preferred ‘style’ which they automatically default too without practice. There are hundreds of online assessments to help you determine your leadership style. The challenge is learning to read the situation you are entering and having the ability to adapt to the required leadership style in time. Executive coaching is essential in developing leadership styles.

Commanding in a crisis

If you are naturally commanding, this is perfect for a crisis situation. If you imagine for one moment, a chief of a fire rescue crew … he or she must be able to think on the spot, instruct and lead quickly or lives are at risk. In a business scenario, a crisis moment might include a PR disaster which could ruin your brand or if you think of BP and the oil disaster near Mexico. What is the first thing you do in this situation?

Changing behaviour with stewardship

If you have a stewardship style, a crisis situation is not your best friend. You would need to learn techniques to think clearly in a crisis. However, a stewardship style is suited to changing behaviour because this style creates trust. People depend and rely on stewards and therefore situations which require less adrenaline and more soothing, persuasive skills are perfect.

There are many more leadership styles and this section will be expanded upon in due course. Why not complete our free online leadership assessment?


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