Our core values

Leadership Excel® was launched by Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM in January 2017 as the Coaching and Mentoring arm to personal and business branding. Her other business is The Brand Surgery®, which is celebrating 15 years in 2018, and this also shares the same values.

Below are Victoria’s Core Values and they are integrated into everything that Leadership Excel® does.


Safety is key to let your imagination run wild and have fun. Coaching and mentoring provides the safety for clients to share their ideas so we can take the session to a deeper level and achieve amazing insights.

How creative am I? I’ve been a graphic designer for over 30 years. I trained to become an executive coach because I wanted to explore creativity from the ‘inside out’. To me, creativity is all about having fun with experimenting with new ideas.


I have spent the last decade studying and researching because I am curious and fascinated about behaviour in business, in marketing and in personal life. Investing time in asking the right questions has enabled me to help clients to discover powerful insights. Curiosity is essential for creativity and innovation.

What am I curious about? Everything! Most of all, I am most curious about what stops people from acting.

We inspire:

Inspiration is a vital ingredient of leadership and innovation. I have an inner desire to enable people to find their spark – it is that spark that inspires action. You can keep learning, but if you don’t have the spark to put learning into action – you will never achieve your goals.

What inspires me? I am inspired by watching clients and friends discover valuable insights – and watching their business and personal brands continually growing. On a personal level, I am passionate about nature’s continuous cycle, especially watching the sea in all weathers. Even when we are are sleeping, the sea never sleeps – it never runs out of energy.

We improve:

Leadership Excel® is a Learning Organisation. If one stops learning and improving, they stop living. Learning and improving is a passion of mine …

How do I improve? I am on a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme for both FCIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and FInstLM (Institute of Leadership and Management) so I can improve life for our clients, their brands and stakeholders. I have recently completed the TA101 course and am starting the ICDTA Certificate in Developmental TA in June 2018. I am also a CPD accredited executive coach and marketing mentor so I can help others develop.

We venture:

As a Learning Organisation, Victoria is curious to learn the latest techniques and experience new things in life. This keeps her learning fresh – enabling clients to have the edge over their competitors.

How do I venture? By continually reading, learning, developing and saying ‘YES’ to golden opportunities. This enables me to venture into ground breaking techniques for sustainable business growth on a daily basis. This means I am always busy! Life has never been so exciting …

Why we are passionate about barn owls …

Leadership Excel® has recently adopted Ozzie the barn owl.

So why is Leadership Excel® so passionate about barn owls?

The answer is because Barn Owls have the most sensitive hearing of all animals. Like good leaders, they enjoy listening and using their senses.

Did you know that Executive Coaches are also excellent listeners and enable you to develop your senses?

Our vision

There are three fundamental reasons to our Vision:

  1. The failure rate of new leaders within their new leadership role will reduce from 38% to less than 5% before 2025. (The Centre for Creative Leadership states that: “Estimates of outright failure in the first 18 months range from 38% to over half, and many more executives fail to be as successful as was predicted in the hiring or promotion phase. In most cases, these are leaders who have demonstrated prior success and who have shown high intelligence, appropriate initiative, and considerable business savvy.”). 
  2. Currently the UK’s productivity level is 18% below other members of the Group of Seven advanced economies. LeadershipExcel will play a significant part in increasing the UK’s productivity before 2030, through executive coaching, marketing mentoring and educating leaders through speaking opportunities.
  3. “Enabling women to meet their full potential in work could add as much as $28 trillion to annual GDP in 2025, raising global economic output by 26 percent over a business-as-usual scenario.”
    (McKinsey Global Institute The power of parity, McKinsey & Co, Sept 2015) so why are there only 13% of women in STEMs roles and why are so many leaving their professions?

It’s not a pretty picture is it?

Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM‘s vision and core-purpose is to help the UK become the global leader once again, in terms of increased productivity through effective leadership development and increased innovation through diversity, especially in relation to gender balance in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEMs).

Our mission

  • To help leaders excel in their roles; promoting authentic leadership, leading with purpose to inspire and motivate others
  • To encourage females to study STEMS subjects in school and college
  • To encourage businesses to embrace diversity and to offer female STEM employees the same financial and career opportunities as men
  • To help females within STEMS to enjoy the perfect day at work, everyday
  • To enable new leaders to excel in their new roles; though learning new leadership skills and behaviour and creating effective strategies to overcome new challenges
  • To help organisations to introduce KPIs which encourage teams to ask the right questions, rather than focus on quick fixes
  • To promote Triple Bottom Line in all coaching and marketing activities
  • To promote and improve well-being in all organisations we work with
  • To transform company culture through connecting Senior Management Teams with their stakeholders
Accredited CPD Executive Coach and Marketing Mentor
Chartered Marketer - Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management
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