Time management is a huge issue for leaders and executives

Don’t under estimate the perils of failing to manage your time. Time management is a huge issue for executives and the implications can cause an incredible amount of stress, both at work and at home. When leaders become stressed, they cannot think clearly. Executive coaching allows leaders to take time out of the office and think clearly.

Message from Victoria: “After each coaching session focussing on time management, the look of relief on my client’s face makes my heart melt. Many leaders have been struggling and then see how easy the solution is once they have had time to sit and think with effective questioning”.

Time management issues lead to lack of productivity

The Stoddart Review, December 2016, states that the UK’s productivity is currently around 18% below the average level of the other members of the Group of Seven advanced economies. The report states several barriers to higher productivity. The report also suggests that perhaps companies should give more consideration to how they measure success to encourage smart productivity rather than greed and stress.

Inadequate work space

The trend for open plan offices is unfortunate because on average office worker can be interrupted as often as every three minutes by digital and human distractions and once districted and then it can take 23 minutes to refocus on projects (The Stoddart Review). In desperation, some of my clients have even resorted to having traffic light systems and do not disturb signs.

Budget cuts mean leaders responsibilities are often stretched geographically and in other ways

Funding and budget cuts in both the public and private sectors mean that some job roles have been merged, levels of responsibility and visibility requirements increased. Some leaders now look after several offices in different locations, however travelling swallows a great deal of leaders’ valuable time which could be better spent strategising and being visible.

Delegations skills

Effective delegation is a huge part of effective time management. To delegate effectively, a high level of trust and relationship building is involved. Leaders must be able to inspire and motivate their team to effectively achieve tasks.

How executive coaching can help you to management your time effectively

When Victoria asks leaders to describe how they had spent the previous day, most had trouble remembering. As the coaching session progresses, they gradually remember things they had worked on. None of the leaders had leadership development time scheduled into their diaries before our coaching sessions. Executive coaching gives leaders ‘space’ to think and develop effective plans to management their time.



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