The Generation Game

A workshop to embrace generational diversity in the workplace, through executive coaching and body confidence
Different generations. Elderly elegant delighted woman posing with her young colleagues while they working and talking in an office.

"Executive coaching has helped me to see the benefits of change rather than the burden. This has helped me to think more creatively and tap into my skills for inspiring and motivating managers throughout the business more effectively. Discussing work issues outside of the business has hugely beneficial to me and allowed me to see a clearer way forward. I am genuinely surprised at how effective coaching is and would recommend Victoria's executive coaching services to all senior managers and directors."

Gordon Frost

Operations Director, Stagecoach South

Gay supported our Women in Technology event ‘Gravitas with Style’. She brought the session to life with a mix of activities that demonstrated what you wear or ‘dressing the part’ is another aspect of non-verbal communication.  The whole session generated huge amounts of engagement and confidence. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all, summed up as a “Great day, the content was unexpected and refreshing.”

Jo Howard

Women in Technology Chairperson, O2

"Executive coaching has challenged and helped me focus on solutions rather than problems. Victoria sets me achievable actions between each session to improve my leadership skills. She has a direct approach with a good knowledge of coaching and natural empathic abilities. I would recommend her Executive Coaching services to any commercial, public or third sector organisation that wishes to develop their leaders within a limited time frame."

Sharon Clarke

Chief Executive, Worthing Town Centre Initiative

“The talk and exercises were light hearted but interactive and effective. They were enlightening to us as management as much as for our staff, challenging our own views as to what was or was not acceptable in a modern professional environment. We found that following the conference there was a subtle change not only in the improved standard of dress of our staff but also their own confidence in how they looked and carried themselves.  It is fair to say that we were delighted with the outcome and the change which was brought about whilst everyone had some fun in the process.”

Jane Dahill

Consultant Solicitor, NLH Solicitors

You will be aware of the changing nature of working demographics in the UK: millennials versus an aging workforce and the prospect of ‘five generations’ in the workplace.

In order for organisations to stay one step ahead in this changing landscape, all employees, whether new to the workplace or nearing retirement, need to develop the confidence to reflect and adapt to change with continuing flexibility to ensure they are working at peak performance. Confidence is no more apparent than in personal presentation, dressing and acting in ways that bring business success.

How confident are you that your current work force will reflect your brand image in a positive light throughout their working lives?

To get the best from multigenerational working, latest research indicates that organisations must and encourage individuality . You may well be asking how employee can be individual and effectively represent your brand image at the same time?


This is where we can help. Having intensively researched the psychology of workforce generations within organisations, Gay Richardson, BIMGA, Style Coach, and Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM, Brand Leadership Coach, have joined forces to launch THE GENERATION GAME WORKSHOP tailored to embrace increasing diversity within the workplace, using a blend of style coaching and executive coaching techniques. Victoria is Masters level qualified in both executive coaching and marketing; she excels in improving communication and creating harmonious relationships by breaking down limiting beliefs of individuals and between the generational cultures. Gay specialises in building body confidence and helps employees to gain confidence by understanding the psychological benefits of clothing in the workplace.

Together, we have designed THE GENERATION GAME WORKSHOP to increase and improve employee engagement within your organisation.

Victoria and Gay will facilitate an interactive workshop tailored to your organisation. Ideally the workshops will be formed of 10-15 employees. The workshop will take place at your organisation, alternatively we can arrange an offsite venue. Workshop teams work best with a mix of front line staff and senior management team members, across the generations and several departments. We enjoy working with diverse teams because this breaks down potential barriers and improves departmental communication. Workshops can be one or two days and can be adapted accordingly to suit your budget.


  • Our workshops will boost employee engagement
  • increase confidence and help your staff to step outside of their comfort zone
  • enable employees to understand their value within your organisation.
  • boost your salesforce effectiveness by helping your employees to align with your brand and promote a consistently effective message
  • Empower your employees to become brand ambassadors
  • Support team building through body and brain confidence

Workshops will be tailored around the needs of your organisation. However we find they work best when the workshops are formed of 15-20 employees from varying departments and backgrounds.