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 Executive Coaching & Mentoring Contract

Client feedback – ‘What worked well during our session?’

‘Focusing on planning’ ‘Clarity and direction’.  ‘Targeted ideas and aims’.  ‘Structured session’ ‘Thought, process and extracting’ information’.  ‘Realising you can’t change some things and accept it’ 

The purpose of a coaching agreement

This coaching agreement aims to set out clear definitions and expectations from both the coach and coachee prior to any coaching sessions taking place, so that both parties are aware of their individual responsibilities which foster an effective coaching relationship. This coaching agreement is intended as a guide and may, if necessary, be renegotiated by the coach during the course of the coaching relationship if in the best interests of the coachee.

I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and agree by their Code of Ethics. They are attached. Please read them. 

Coaching works when you …

  • are open and willing to consider change where this is necessary to aid development
  • are open to new ways of learning and working which might challenge your thoughts and ideas
  • are honest with your coach and yourself, particularly if you do not feel that something is working for you
  • are ready to commit to your development by the giving and receiving of honest feedback
  • recognise the investment being made in your development
  • accept that commitment must first come from you before you can reap the benefits

As your coach I will endeavour to …

  • be focused on you and your best interests, which include your goals and your outcomes
  • support and encourage you while you develop your full potential
  • be open, objective and non judgemental, enabling you to set and work towards your own goals and achievements
  • ask you questions that might challenge your ideas and thoughts as you progress and develop
  • arrange a comfortable, private venue for our face-to-face discussions.

Practices and procedures

  • Procedure: We will meet at the agreed time/date/location.
  • Coaching Aims and Objectives: These are agreed on the Coaching Plan and Coaching Reflections.
  • Reciprocal coachee duty: Evaluation and feedback are required for my ILM qualification and for continuous improvement purposes.
  • Changes: If you need to reschedule a meeting, please give me at least 72 hours notice. If you have an emergency, we will work around it.
  • Extra time: You can call or email me between our meetings if you need advice, have a problem or can’t wait to share a success with me. This is included in our agreement and is part of the support I offer. All I ask is that you keep the calls to 5-10 minutes each.
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  • Records: I usually ask that my coachees complete a prep form before the first coaching session and that this is emailed to me 24 hours before each planned meeting/call. This saves time and focuses our contact time but is optional.
  • Problems: Please use an open and honest communication with me if you are not getting what you need from our coaching relationship. I will put your needs first every time.
  • Boundaries: Please note that coaching is not mentoring, counselling or therapy, and I will explain the differences if requested. If issues arise that we feel are not appropriate, I will be happy to refer you to a suitable professional.
  • Requests: From time to time, I may challenge your thinking or behaviour. You are free to accept or decline these challenges. The purpose will always to be forward the action and deepen the learning.
  • Confidentiality: All our sessions will remain totally confidential unless you disclose information that a child is at risk of significant harm, disclose any planned harm to yourself or a vulnerable adult or disclose offences under the Terrorism or Data Protection Act. Coaching plans/reflections may be shared with ILM for the purposes of continuous improvement, however, to maintain confidentiality, all personal and business names will be deleted first.
  • Recording sessions / reflection: Coaching sessions are recorded for continuous improvement purposes. Recordings are stored on my iPad and backed up to iCloud, all of which are password protected. Occasionally recordings may be shared with my Coaching Supervisor who is also governed by the EMCC Code of Ethics.
  • Evaluation / case studies: All clients are expected to complete and return an evaluation form after each session. These may be used for marketing purposes, however, names and sensitive information will be deleted unless prior permission is requested and granted by you.
  • Complaints: If you have any major issues, it is best that you express these at the start of a meeting to give you the opportunity to discuss, rather than leave a problem half discussed because the meting has ended. I am bound by the EMCC Code of Ethics and their Complaint Procedure is published
  • About me: I am a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, having been a Chartered Marketer for five years. I am qualified to L7 Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing level, L7 ILM Executive Coaching and Mentoring, ILM L3 Business Set-up, L3 NVQ Management and L3 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.
  • I am continually learning and developing myself and complete at least 60 hours of CPD per annum.

General client feedback

  • ‘Another excellent positive and helpful session’ 
  • ‘A useful session with positive ideas’ · ‘Always positive and insightful’ 
  • ‘The coach worked me harder and demanded a more focused action plan which I will need to work hard to achieve’ 
  • ‘A very useful and constructive session, full of excellent ideas and framework for me to build upon’
  • Good session which challenged me’ · Good structured, has brought out some relevant points 
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