This page is all about getting noticed for a leadership role you aspire to. If you have fears about what people will say if you succeed, this can prevent you from developing your leadership skills.

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Market yourself into a leadership role

Get yourself noticed and promoted to a leadership position

Is there such thing as a born leader or can leadership skills be learned?

When you think of leaders, you may be thinking of Richard Branson, Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs. However, leaders come in all shapes and sizes; you may be a Brown Owl or a Chair of a board. You may have just become a trustee or non-executive director (NED). This means you will need to continually develop communication skills to get the best from your colleagues which includes being able to inspire and motivate those around you. Leadership Excel is designed to help all sorts of leaders to gain confidence in communication and unlocking potential in yourself and others around you. Victoria will help you to develop a marketing strategy to enhance your strengths, overcome weaknesses and excel yourself to a leadership position.

What’s stopping you from taking action to develop your leadership skills?

Leadership Excel® believes you can learn leadership skills required to motivate, inspire and lead, however, normally there is a hidden belief which is stopping aspiring leaders from developing their skills. Maybe you are concerned that others may be upset by your promotion? Maybe you will have to give something up in order to gain promotion? These factors can be a barrier to continued development.

The dimensions of leadership

There are many dimensions of leadership and our Executive Coach will help you choose the dimensions that will help get you noticed for the right reasons. Check out Victoria’s Executive Coaching profile to learn how she can help you. It is important to choose a coach you feel comfortable working with because it has been proven that your are more likely to achieve your goals when you have a rapport with your executive coach.

CPD accredited executive and marketing mentor

Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM has 25 years of combined marketing strategy and coaching experience and her coaching skills have been accredited by the CPD Standards office. This means that if you are taking part in Continued Professional Development, then coaching with Victoria counts towards your CPD hours.

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