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How much is your limiting assumption costing your organisation?

Assumption is an interesting phenomenon. To remain positive, we must assume we are going to have a good day and that other good things will happen, otherwise we would life our days in fear.

However, assumption can be the cause of problems. Much of marketing strategy is still based on the assumption of how a market should behave based on the latest trends. However, this has gone drastically wrong in the past, even with corporates assuming what customers want, for example, remember Coca Cola changing their recipe based on the assumption that taste was the deciding factor in consumer purchase behaviour? We must ask what customers want, not assume.

It is the same with leadership decisions. Many of your decisions are probably based on your knowledge and experience to date. Boardroom decisions are based on the collective competences of the boardroom member. However, the world is changing at a fast pace. Your boardroom know-how worked before based on what the world was like then. However, it’s different now, so assuming that it is the same and following the same thought process may not work.

How is your default thinking-mode affecting your performance?

When you make a decision, what is your default thinking mode? When was the last time that someone challenged your default thinking? What if an executive coach helped you discover new, exciting options or avenues through the art of powerful questioning? What would others notice about your decisions?

Victoria has helped to transform the decision making process for many executives. Not only has it bought beneficial changes to the organisation concerned, it has invigorated enjoyment for executives who have discovered a new confidence through sharing new ideas.

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