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How organisations benefit from hiring Executive Coaches

How Executive Coaching helps organisations to achieve their objectives and KPIs

What is the ultimate dream for the discerning business leaders? Is it the perfect organisation with 100% engaged employees in all departments? Does such an organisation exist? Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM, Executive Coach and Marketing Mentor for Leadership Excel, is inspired by the thought that anything is possible with visualisation and goal setting.

Technology means that everything happens much faster and so business leaders must keep their organisation one step ahead of the competition. This means the world is a smaller place and leaders must look outwards to keep abreast and embrace the constantly changing world. KPIs must be meaningful and inspire high performing employees to feel motivated and valued before they are tempted by another organisation with higher emotional appeal.

How can executive coaching improve employee engagement and strengthen relationships?

CIPD states that: “Employees who share a mutual-gains relationship with their employers tend to deliver improved business performance. It’s therefore no surprise that employers value engaged employees; not only are they happier, healthier and more fulfilled than ‘disengaged’ employees, but they are more likely to increase customer satisfaction levels, productivity and innovation.”

In a boardroom, the Finance Director will be focused on profit and factors that contribute to profit. As we have seen above, engaged employees contribute to profit so why are training and marketing always the first budgets to be slashed during a financial crisis? The answer is that many financial directors see life through limiting assumptions aka quick fixes. Cutting essential budgets and making redundancies which give your organisation competitive advantage is the worst thing a leader can do. Much of HR’s good work will be dictated by the Finance Director so it is essential that HR managers and directors form effective relationships with him and the rest of the Senior Management Team, which Victori’a executive coaching techniques will assist with.

Executive Coaching helps executives in HR, Finance and throughout the organisation to build effective relationships to improve employee engagement. The organisational culture for engaged employees must be cascaded from top-level leadership and executives must buy into the concept of investing in rewarding and valuing employees.

Good executive coaching creates positive behaviour change. The most effective organisations have adopted a coaching and mentoring culture. If you organisation has not yet benefited from this, often the best way again, is to start at the top and find a member of Senior Management Team that would be ‘open’ to an Executive Coaching taster session. it is normally once they see the benefits, they are keen to share the insights they have gained. When others begin to notice positive behaviour changes, like wildfire, the organisation becomes open to the idea of a adopting a coaching culture. Employees find answers to their own questions. They learn to ask the right questions. Then you begin to enjoy the benefits of an empowered, engaged employee workforce to be reckoned with.

How Coaching improves your Employee Brand

Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM is also a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has been researching company brands, leadership brands and employee brands for the past ten years. Company leaders have a profound effect on all elements of your brand whether you like it or not. Ineffective leadership results in poor customer service. If your business is receiving customer complaints, pointing fingers at employees may be the wrong course of action – maybe you should be looking at your leadership team instead.

Executive coaching is more effective within teams that welcome a change. For further information on how executive coaching will help your organisation, call 01903 824229 or use the contact form below.


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