Accredited CPD Executive Coach and Marketing Mentor
Chartered Marketer - Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management
Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM Executive Coach Marketing Mentor Sussex

Training, qualifications and credentials

  • Masters-level: CIM L7 Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Masters-level: ILM L7 Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • ILM accredited Leadership Academy – Warwick University
  • FCIM Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Member of the EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Accredited CPD Coach
  • HABC Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (QCF)
  • ILM NVQ Level 3 Management
  • Edexcel NVQ Level 3 Business Start-up
  • Member of Toastmasters International – CC7 Competent Speaker
  • I am currently learning and practicing Gestalt and Personality Adaptations (Process Communication)

Executive coaching profile for:

Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM

CPD Accredited Executive Coach | Marketing Mentor

Skills, knowledge and value-add

Victoria enjoys helping leaders to excel in their executive roles by identifying and closing the gap between where they are now and achieving their vision. She has a natural affinity with leaders who are already doing well but strive to do even better.

Victoria’s passion is aligning leaders’ personal brands with their organisational brand to achieve shared vision and leadership excellence; when the going gets tough, it is essential to maintain stamina; being in-tune is essential to achieve this.

Victoria has created the LEADERSHIP EXCEL® model: Explore, X-trude, Create, Empower, Lead; offering a solutions-focused approach, this model challenges limiting assumptions and helps leaders to understand what their drivers are so they can stay motivated, build effective relationships and effectively lead change.

Imagine an organisation full of engaged and inspired brand ambassadors who can keep pace even with fast-changing conditions; Victoria’s coaching expertise will empower you to achieve this.

Victoria is Masters-level qualified in both marketing and executive coaching/mentoring; together with over 20 years of relevant public and private sector experience has proven to be a powerful combination. Victoria helped a UK-based manufacturer to grow his business from £30m to £60m in 2013. She also led the launch of West Sussex Credit Union in her role as Vice-Chairman in 2007.

More recently, Victoria has successfully negotiated £000s for essential services in her role a borough councillor, despite cuts to public funding. Victoria is vice-chair of Worthing Planning Committee and Policy advisor to the leader, in both a branding and corporate reputation capacity, and works with the leader to attract inward investment into the town.

Victoria’s approach offers leaders a fresh perspective on boardroom and workplace challenges, away from office interruptions, allowing leaders critical time to think. Victoria is exceptionally creative, using listening, deep questioning and reflection to empower leaders to transform the most complex challenges into opportunities.

Victoria’s statement

“My core-purpose is make a positive difference and help both new and established leaders excel in their job roles. With the fast-changing landscape, leaders must continually learn new skills. Approximately 39% of executives fail to be as successful as first predicted (Centre for Creative Leadership) and I aim to significantly reduce this figure through my executive coaching and marketing mentoring services.”


Proudest coaching achievements

Victoria coached and raised the profile of children through Talent Within You, a charitable organisation she founded, in 2009; one child now has a record contract in the USA and another was picked for the Youth Olympics. She also coached a high-end school girl in 2014 helping her to discover and nurture her purpose in life. Coaching empowered this girl to write a book of poetry and has significantly improved her school attendance rate.

More recently, she coached a new leader who had been promoted from manager to director at a PLC. He feared communicating some unfavourable budget news which meant job cuts. Executive coaching sessions empowered him to lead this change successfully and also increased his likeability – an essential element of effective leadership.


Victoria’s coaching style

Authenticity and responsibility are core to Victoria’s beliefs and executive coaching sessions. Being genuinely responsible to stakeholders and the planet has a positive effect on the bottom line for many reasons.

Victoria helps clients to question what they assume is the norm, unleashing fresh ideas which takes executive coaching sessions to a deeper level. Victoria will help you assess and gauge the most fitting leadership style required for different boardroom issues you may be facing; leadership excellence requires that leaders can adapt to all situations – from critical to visionary projects.

Victoria developed the LEADERSHIP EXCEL® model which uses a blend of listening, deep-questioning, reflection, marketing strategy and solutions-focused coaching tools. This model identifies key areas to develop and help leaders achieve a healthy blend of short, medium and long-term wins.

Victoria takes part in CPD for both her Chartered Marketer and Executive Coaching roles, continually enhancing her repertoire of leadership development tools for the benefit her clients.

Victoria works with clients in person, via Skype or by telephone, therefore location is not a concern. She has clients in Sussex, Scotland, Canada and Oman.


Learning outcomes

Executives will have an opportunity to practice everything they learn through Victoria’s solutions-focused LEADERSHIP EXCEL® approach.

Executives will be able to:

  • Practice the dimensions of leadership they have learned during sessions
  • Achieve quick / mid / long-term wins
  • Form powerful and effective relationships / collaborations
  • Improve personal and organisation innovation and creativity
  • Develop and implement clear, winning strategies
  • increase their CPD hours


Coaching relationship:

Your coaching contract will be formed of:

Agree: Victoria will send a registration form which includes an initial assessment for completion. Once this has been received and assessed, she will create a contract to explain coaching ethics and commitment required by both parties. All clients must be committed to the process and they will sign a contract to declare this.

Audit: Victoria then sends her clients some preparation forms for completion to help her learn about your organisation.

Coach: Victoria takes executive coaching sessions to a deeper level using the LEADERSHIP EXCEL® model and sharing strategic marketing techniques through mentoring.


Executive coaching / marketing mentoring packages

121 coaching

£90 One session – 60 minutes

£270 (3 x 60 min sessions)

£425 (5 x 60 min sessions)

£800 (8 x 60 min sessions)

Group coaching

Two to three members £225 per person per month (3 x 60 min sessions)

Four to six members £195 per person per month (3 x 60 min sessions)


Client organisations and seniority

I am a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

This grade means I have ten years in a senior marketing management position (five years at, or close to, board level, and having held Chartered Marketer status for five consecutive years).

I work with organisations in the public and private sector including Stagecoach South, Chichester College and Sussex Police

Areas of specialisation

  • Executive coaching
  • Established / New leadership development
  • Marketing mentoring (strategy)
  • Team coaching
Accredited CPD Executive Coach and Marketing Mentor
Chartered Marketer - Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management
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