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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is essential for building relationships; you must be able to inspire and motivate employees. Leaders win points and quick wins if they are in touch with their peers as well as their leadership team. In your leadership role, EQ is as important as IQ.

There are four elements of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

  1. Self-Awareness: This is the ability to tune into your own emotions and even if you are perfect, you must recognise your impact upon others. This element also covers ‘gut feelings’
  2. Self- Management: This is your ability to keep your emotions and impulses under control. There may be occasions when you are tempted to let it all out, however, successful leadership relies on you channelling your feelings.
  3. Social Awareness: this is your ability to be empathetic and to sense another’s emotions and to take an active interest in their concerns. Authentic social awareness scores even more points.
  4. Relationship Management: Do you have skills that inspire, influence and motivate others? Do you have the ability to develop others through feedback and guidance or resolve disagreements?

The emotional Intelligence guru, Goleman, states that: “Training, coaching and feedback can substantially improve EI.” He refers to Emotional Intelligence as,“the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and our relationships.”


The fact is, if you want to succeed in your leadership role, you need to influence others. I know very few people who score top marks in Emotional Intelligence – we all have room for improvement.


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