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How executive coaching can help leaders transform difficult conversations into golden opportunities

The Chartered Management Institute states that half of workers deal with one difficult conversation per month with the most awkward conversations involve salaries, inappropriate behaviour in the work place, feedback on poor performance and promotions. These difficult conversations can be especially difficult for a new leader who may be driven by being popular.

Message from Victoria: “One of my clients who had recently been promoted from manager to director, had to announce that budget cuts meant that heaps more responsibility would be placed upon front line workers; they would be ultimately responsible for customer care. I could sense the fear in my client’s voice as he shared his concerns. Through powerful questioning, we challenged his assumptions concerning the conversations and formed a strategy to effectively communicate with his team. The following week I received a call from my client to inform me of how well the conversation had gone. His team had embraced the challenge; they felt more valued and became more engaged. My client’s likability score had also increased, which is a fundamental element of leadership”.

Many of Victoria’s executive coaching sessions cover pre-conversation fears. Victoria inspires and empowers her executive clients to overcome assumptions and form effective strategies for dealing with difficult conversations.

Victoria works with clients in both the private and public sector and in her experience. She helps clients overcome:

  • Fear and assumption relating to the perceived reaction: These are the main reasons why people avoid awkward conversations. What might happen if I say this?
  • Culture and behaviour differences: What sounds reasonable to one person, may sound ludicrous to another. This is where personality assessments and relationship tools are effective because they help clients to speak the most effective language for the situation.
  • Lack of communication: Causes bad feeling and mis-understanding or lack of understanding

The longer an executive fears the conversation, the worse the fear will become because the fear becomes over-shadowed by darker beliefs.

Victoria’s has a high success rate in transforming difficult conversations into golden opportunities. Call Victoria on 01903 824229 or contact her via the contact form.  

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