Preparing CPD professionals for leadership

Speech on the Beach – Sussex Day (Toastmasters CC7)

This talk was based on research and information gathering. It coincided with Sussex Day and it seemed the perfect opportunity to showcase Stunning Sussex.

Restaurant Marketing Talk – Food Intolerance Event 2016

This talk showcases my branding, marketing strategy and persuasion skills. I was booked for this talk under my other company, The Brand Surgery®, which focuses on creative and brand strategy.

How Toastmasters Came to the Rescue: CC4

This talk showcased my creative writing skills; the subject is fracking and it includes some recent news stories.

Message to the Health Minister – Support for Thyroid patients

This presentation showcases my research and lobbying skills. This is a personal venture of mine to support thyroid patents.

My very first Toastmasters Talk – CC1 The Icebreaker

Why have I showcased my first amateur speech? Because executive coaching is all about self development. With continued practice, my talks have improved and it is interesting to recognise where I started.

Book your engaging and inspiration talk about aligning leadership and brands

Victoria A Vaughan FCIM FInstLM is passionate about branding. We are all too aware of the bad decisions made by some corporate boards which have brought down a brand overnight.

Without authentic leadership, your brand is at risk. This is why Victoria learned the art of executive coaching – to enable senior managers and CEOs to make better decisions and protect their brands and engage their employees to become brand ambassadors.

Victoria’s talking style

You will see from the videos, that Victoria injects a lot of warmth, fun and enthusiasm into her talks. In fact, she recently won the Enthusiastic Award at Worthing Speakers and is now at Competent Communicator Level 8. Victoria also has a L3 in PTTLS which is Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector. This qualification along with her L7 Executive Coaching means she understands different learning styles and adapts her talks accordingly to ensure everyone enjoys and remembers the content.

Subjects covered in Victoria’s talks

As you can see, Victoria is an active member of Toastmasters and can talk on almost any subject with the right amount research. However, her love is the link between leadership and branding. Victoria started her career as a graphic designer and met all sorts of businesses who got it wrong because they thought that a brand was a logo design. This is why Victoria studies relentlessly for ten years to be a Chartered Marketer and Executive Coach and she now wants to share this with you.

Talks can be focused on the subject of your choice. However, if you require inspiration, subjects can include:

  • Brilliant branding for you and your business
  • Make it. Don’t fake it. Branding and leadership rules for your sector (Victoria will write the talk for your sector)
  • Ready, steady action. Ideas to inspire action and engage your employees to build the best brand
  • Fabulous females: The UK needs you! Tips for surviving a male dominated workplace
  • Building Real Relationships with Rapport
  • Market yourself and achieving your potential in the workplace: Ideas to help employees form strategies to excel


Fees for talks

Talks covering the subjects above are £125 for a 30 minute talk. This includes one telephone call and research to adapt the talk for your audience.This fee excludes travel and expenses.

If you would like a talk on a subject of your choice, please contact Victoria, using the form below to discuss your requirements.

Preparing CPD professionals for leadership
Accredited CPD Executive Coach and Marketing Mentor
Chartered Marketer - Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management