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Boost your confidence & Beat self-doubt in workplace

  • Do you feel like no-one is talking to you in the workplace?
  • Do you feel like no-one trusts your decisions in the workplace?
  • Do you stumble over your words when talking to some people?
  • Do you put yourself down in front of others?
  • Do you have a fear of failure?

Sometimes, lack of confidence and self doubt can arise from past experience – perhaps negative communications from family, teachers or school children. Then you from this point, you carry around with you a negative voice in your head that stops you speaking in meetings, making effective decisions and voicing your opinion. Whatever, the cause, it is important to overcome these feelings if you plan to progress to a leadership position.

Take action today. Boost confidence & Beat self-doubt

When are confident you will be able to inspire others to be confident in your decisions. You will be able to motivate and inspire those around you. You will enable others to visualise your ideas and to be engaged by you. You will easily persuade other to trust you. Sound great doesn’t it?

Five steps to boosting your confidence and Eliminating self doubt

1. Focus on your strengths and values

What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What is really important to you? Where do you want to be in five years time? Write down five things that are really important to you in life; these are your core values. Popular core values are authenticity, adventure, community, challenge, achievement. Its important that these are unique to you so when you look at them, you feel connected with them and are more likely to remember them. When you find yourself in a situation, where you begin to self-doubt, remember your core-values. No-one else has these, they make you different. Write your core-beliefs in a notebook if you find that easier.

2. Don’t put yourself down – in your head and to others

For those of you that do put yourself down, and I used to be one of them. Stop now! It is simply a habit you have gotten into and you need to break that habit by slapping your hand when you catch yourself. With practice, you will become aware of when you are putting yourself down; Write down what you say, when you do this and who do it with. Is there a pattern? How are you feeling when you say it? It’s important to think back to your best qualities, values and beliefs and your successes to date. In order to call upon these successes when needed, I recommend saying them daily every morning and nighttime before bed, so they become second nature.

3. Positive affirmations

I was dubious when I learned of this, but the effects are amazing. The trick is to keep up the good work. If you have a negative voice in your head telling you that you get nervous when talking to a particular person, then reverse the message: say “I feel confident when talking to …”

Here are some examples:

  • Negative voice: “I can’t do that”     Affirmation: “I can accomplish anything I put my mind to”
  • Negative voice: “I’m fed up”  Affirmation: “I enjoy life to the fullest”
  • Negative voice: “No one listens to me” Affirmation: “I stand up for my beliefs, values and morals”
4. Stop comparing yourself to other people

Comparing yourself to another another colleague is a sure way to knock your confidence. Everyone is unique in their own way. Remember your core values – chances are the colleague you are comparing yourself to wants to be more like you. There will always be someone in your workplace who is smarter, more confident, always says the right thing … Instead of focusing on them, focus on your strengths. How can you use your core value to add to raise your profile. Effective leaders do this all the time if they want to be transformational leaders.

5. Learn from your errors

Did you know that failure breeds innovation? The airlines openly record their failures for the whole industry to learn from. Therefore, next time you make a mistake or bad decision, don’t focus on that, focus on what you learned from it. Errors are normally caused by limiting assumptions, but give you an opportunity to learn and develop. So stand up, be confident and take ownership for the error and what you have learned from it. If you are working within a culture which chastises people for errors, your employer is the loser, not you.

Victoria Vaughan, CPD accredited executive coach will improve your confidence and presence in the workplace.

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Preparing CPD professionals for leadership
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