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Until it is complete, we are pleased to share 10 ways to create and sustain strong brand growth. We hope you can see the link to leadership – for more about Victoria’s branding, please visit The Brand Surgery®. Without authentic leadership, brands will crumble.

  1. Authentic leadership is critical for sustainable brand growth. 
  2. Employees are your brand. If you don’t inspire, motivate and lead your employees, customer service will decline.
  3. How do you lead when everyone is their own leader?  Don’t be scare of ‘cutting the corporate’ and treating employees as ‘uncorporate’ individualists. Allow employees to flourish and share ideas.
  4. How usable is your brand? Your brand can be measured by how people behave and how they are inspired by your brand.
  5. KPIs should encourage ideas and growth, not focus on errors and mistakes (unless you are in a turnaround situation).
  6. Listen to your employees dreams – they may spark innovation opportunities.
  7. Fast culture – Transforming culture is traditionally a slow process rather like turning a ship. Brands in 2017 don’t have that luxury.
  8. Good leaders will change behaviours by giving those around them a sense of purpose to drive organization forward.
  9. Coaching allows you time to think, be creative. Creativity unlocks potential.
  10. Being brave, bold, agile is difficult for leaders with a risk averse mindset – the biggest risk is doing nothing.